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ExovaDx believes in harnessing scientifically molecular diagnostic testing service to improve health and the lives of people with cancer. And so we work day and night to provide timely, valuable information, high quality laboratory test, diagnostic molecular procedures for the initial diagnosis and treatment of our cancer and hematology patients. Our lab has complete in-house laboratory services for molecular oncology test.

Our Molecular Diagnostic Tests

ExovaDx is committed to providing the finest possible patient care, education and research guidelines to our physicians and rapid molecular test in Texas for our patients.

Our List of Services:
  • Tumor Mutational Burden (TMB) Analysis
  • An important step to cancer treatment is the identification of the cancer at an early age. Due to next generation sequencing it is now much easier to analyze the cancer for optimal measures
    Tumor Mutational Burden is the phenomena of the cancer cells being genetically modified at the mass multiplication stage of the cells. Though this can be detected for the early stage medication through the process of molecular diagnostic tests.

  • Hematological malignancy profiling
  • The profiling of the uncontrollably growing cells is also a part of early stage cancer detection. The diagnostic tests performed in our Texas labs prove day-in and day-out of the importance of Hematological malignancy profiling.

  • Solid tumor profiling from FFPE tissue
  • One of the long used processes of detecting the early stage that includes the examination of the surrounding tissues of the cancer affected area. This process brings in the established credible results.

  • Liquid biopsies assays
  • Widely used non-invasive ways to extract the Circulating Tumor DNA (ctDNA) from the veins has been proven one of the best ways to diagnose cancer when the cancer is unobtainable through any other medical measure.



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